The Australasian Children’s Literature Association for Research is an organisation for the advancement of research and scholarship in children’s literature. We engage with the full spectrum of children’s books from picture books, graphic novels, comics, non-fiction, and junior to young adult fiction, and are continually broadening our focus to take into account the broader range of texts children consume including film and televisual texts, computer games, magazines, websites, blogs and zines. Analytic styles and approaches in the discipline are equally varied and span cultural and ideological critiques, interpretation of historical location and archival materials, cross-cultural and translation studies, audience-centred and educational approaches, visual semiotics, and others. Scholars employ theoretical lenses from a range of disciplines in generative and expansive ways.

The organisation is the sum of its membership, a community of like-minded scholars with the shared agenda of contributing to knowledge about children’s texts. We welcome members from Australasia and beyond and provide an intellectual network that is both rigorous and generous, supporting our colleagues and mentoring new researchers entering the field. 

This website is designed to act as a hub for this intellectual activity. We hope you will benefit from the resources provided here and that you will join us as an active member of the organization by clicking on the "join ACLAR" link. Fees are $55 per annum for students/low-wage and $75 per annum full membership. We are a non-profit organisation and fees help to fund our biennial conferences and to publish our associated refereed journal, Papers: Explorations into Children's Literature. We are particularly interested in expanding our network in Asia and may be able to subsidise fees for new members in the region - please contact the president for more information.
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